Which Photo Booth Type is Right For Me?

August 27, 2019

Your wedding is one of the most special events in your life, and you'll want to capture each moment. You've hired the best photographer and videographer available. You've armed each table at your reception with at least one disposable digital camera and instructions to have fun with it. And, of course, Uncle Frank is busy snapping away with his circa-1974 35 mm camera.

Such an army of professional and amateur photographers is sure to yield some fun and memorable wedding photos for you. Few, though, will have the spontaneity and charm of those taken in a photo booth rented for your special day.

For some reason, people love photo booths. Maybe it's the nostalgia factor-- how many of us, after all, remember snuggling up with our first crush for a few pictures in the photo booth at our local mall or arcade? Or perhaps it's the fact that people can get into a photo booth when they're good and ready (read that after the cocktail hour) as opposed to when a photographer would like them to pose. Whatever the reason, include a photo booth at your wedding reception and watch your guests line up.

There are a number of different types of photo booths from which to choose, so you'll want to do a little homework to make sure you're getting the variety that will best suit your wedding, corporate party, or social event. The following are some of the most popular types.


Number one on our list of popular types of photo booths is the Open Air variety. As its name suggests, this popular variety of photo booth available for wedding and/or party rental isn't actually a booth at all. Instead, a camera is mounted on a tripod and aimed at a backdrop. Sometimes backdrops are included, often couples choose to create their own. Guests press a "start" button to begin the countdown and then, cheese!

Printouts are often available to your guests instantly. Some companies will collect a list of participant's email addresses or phone numbers in order to send digital files later.


Next on our list of popular photo booth types is the traditional booth. A party host really can't go wrong with this retro classic. Guests will line up to relive the fun of trying to cram that last friend or family member into the shot in whatever way possible--the pull is nearly irresistible. And while the resulting photo may be unlikely to win any awards, it will be a keepsake to be remembered for a lifetime.

Oftentimes couples being married will use the traditional photo booth to print numerous sets of wedding photos that may then be added to their wedding guestbooks and/or included in their guest thank-yous.


This photo booth is every bit as fun as it sounds. Instead of creating still images, the Slow Motion Video Booth produces short video clips rendered in extreme slow-motion. The results are fun and often downright hilarious. Rent this booth for your wedding reception or corporate event and give your guests a photo-taking experience they won't soon forget.


These days everybody wants their wedding experience well-represented on social media. Many, if not most couples today create wedding Facebook pages where they can post announcements about the big day beforehand and pictures of the grand event afterward. What better way to add to your wedding reception's online presence (and more importantly, your guest's enjoyment) than by allowing them to create animated customized GIFs that are easy to share on social media?


Who doesn't love a good flipbook? Featuring none of the advanced tech offered by the GIF Maker Photo Studio, the Flipbook Photo Booth nonetheless boasts tons of retro charm. Watch your friends and family members "move" before your eyes as you manually flip through the photos produced by this fun, nostalgic alternative to the standard photo booth. The Flipbook Photo Booth is sure to be a hit at your wedding or next corporate party.


Among the most novel and interesting of our photo booth types is the 360 Degree Photo Booth. Using the 360 Degree Booth, the happy couple and their guests can view photos of themselves from all angles. Let your guests capture an instant in time that may be reviewed later from all directions. So much for asking "did you get my good side?"


Who needs the cost and hassle of a destination wedding or event when you can bring any destination you choose to your wedding venue? Well, you can bring it to your wedding reception photos, at any rate. The Green Screen Photo Booth allows guests to be placed in front of nearly any backdrop imaginable, allowing for all manner of hilarity.


When you opt for a Print From Hashtag Photo Booth, you rent a printer instead of a booth. First, you'll create a custom hashtag for your wedding or event photos. Then, guests tag the photos they take throughout the evening on their personal devices using your hashtag. The printer may then be used to make copies of any and all photos that have been tagged to your wedding or event.

While choosing the photo booth that's right for your wedding or corporate event is largely a matter of personal taste, you'll want to consider your guests. Are most of them text savvy and/or likely to use social media? Or are they a relatively older crowd, one that might have a greater appreciation for the fun of a classic, simpler photo booth experience?

You'll also have fun choosing the style of photo booth you rent. Booths that resemble Tiki Huts are extremely popular, as are velvet booths of varying color. Some booths feature external monitors so guests waiting or passing by can enjoy the silliness going on inside. Props are often included in order to inspire the inner-goofball in even the most staunch of your guests.

Whatever variety of photo booth you choose, you'll be amazed and delighted by the resulting fun and photos. Even the shyest and most reserved of your guests may be coaxed into squeezing in for a group-shot. There's something that's irresistible and even a bit intoxicating (though again, that might be the cocktail hour talking) about the nostalgia and charm of having your picture taken with friends in a photobooth.

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