5 Tips to Marketing Your Next Company Event

August 27, 2019

Hosting a company event is an excellent way to bring employees together or to encourage new customers or clients to come into fruition. The success of the event itself largely determines how well you accomplish your event goals, but the marketing also plays a huge role in this endeavor. When you want to generate high levels of success, the plans begin well before the event day arrives. To bolster how well your company does at the next event, employ some specific marketing plans.

Provide Ample Information

If you think about your last event, you may cringe at the paltry number of people who attended. The reason could be that individuals simply did not know what your event was about, to whom it was catered and what they would gain from attending. Marketing material needs to include these types of important information without overwhelming the readers. What you must do is know your audience. In other words, determine whether the event is for other experts in the field, customers and clients or employees of your company. Including this information on the marketing material is pivotal. People are not going to attend an event when they are unsure as to whether or not the event is designed for them.

Of course, the material must include the date and location of the event but also the purpose of it. Interested parties should know if they are to expect entertainment or if they will be asked to participate in activities. You should also include information about any fees that people might expect to incur as well as what types of payment are accepted. Some people don't go to events because they worry about what to expect. The right marketing material will alleviate these concerns before they even really have time to go.

Use Social Media

Print advertisements are still useful when you are promoting an event. However, you must also take to social media if you really want to get the word out there. Simply consider the fact that thousands of people could know about your event in a matter of minutes if you use social media. What you should do is craft clever advertisements that appeal directly to the members of your target audience. Trying targeted marketing can help you to find audience members who likely already have an interest in the concept of your event. Remember that on social media, people who are interested in your event can share the information with others.

Deciding what platform to use can seem tricky. Start by assessing the members of your target audience. In this digital era, you should know what social media platforms they are most likely to use. This type of research plays a major role in successful marketing endeavors. You should also take into consideration the types of platforms that best lend themselves to marketing events. For example, using Facebook means that you can create an event with details and photos and update interested parties as the day of the event draws closer.

Plan Entertainment

Regardless of what the event is, you should certainly plan entertainment because this element tends to draw people. In other words, even if people are not entirely interested in the products and services that you are offering, you could still attract them to the event by having the right entertainment. For example, many events include music. Getting a popular local band to play at your event can make a difference in the overall success of the event. Another option is to get a photo booth as this feature is extremely popular right now. Just consider how much people love to take pictures and share them to social media. By renting a photo booth, you are providing attendees with a fun and entertaining activity. Furthermore, many individuals are going to post these photos on social media, thereby creating greater attention for your next event.

You should also have a sense of who is likely to attend the event as you are selecting entertainment. If the crowd is likely to consist of families with small children, you will need to take an approach that provides activities with these little ones. On the other hand, you will need a different approach if the attendees are all expected to be business professionals or recent college graduates. Ultimately, the goal is to market whatever entertainment you will have so that people want to come.

Market Early

Incorporating useful concepts and clever techniques into your marketing material is imperative when you want to host a successful event. However, you also need to start advertising your event early. If you take a look at your own social and professional calendars, you may see that you are booked up well into the next few months. If your calendar is in that state, the planners of other people likely look the same. In other words, waiting too long to market your event means that people who would really like to attend cannot.

Taking the target audience and the time of the year into account is helpful when trying to decide how far in advance to market the event. For example, your event might be slated for the middle of the winter. You then probably have more time to market the event than you would if it were in the summer or near the fall and early winter holidays when people tend to be much busier. Of course, you could also start marketing the event a little bit more in advance and then release tickets when it gets closer. Advertising too early could also mean that people forget about the event or that they purchase tickets and end up unable to go when the day comes around.

Assemble Professionals

Ultimately, marketing involves a number of components. You cannot simply create beautiful advertisements, toss them out in the world and hope that they land in the right places. This process is a deliberate one that involves a great deal of care and consideration. If you currently do all of your own marketing or leave it up to people who simply likely to dabble in the task, you are likely damaging your own advertising efforts. Instead of continuing to operate in such a haphazard fashion, assemble a team of people who have talent and experience when it comes to marketing for events. This compilation can occur in more way than one.

You may currently already have this talent within your company but are not using it in the correct fashion. Instead of having people exude their skills only when an event is coming up, create a team of professionals who are in charge of marketing for events and who dedicate their time to these endeavors. Of course, it's also possible that you do not currently have employees with these particular talents at your business. Now is the time to hire such individuals. Depending upon the size of your company and the number of events that you host, you may need to dedicate an entire department to marketing. Starting as a small business certainly has its perks, but at some point, you may need to grow and increase your efforts even if you do so by just a little bit.

Whether you're disappointed with past events or simply want to make future ones stronger, take a look at your current marketing efforts. Integrating some different strategies can help you to have better marketing material, thereby creating greater interest in your company events and attendance at these happenings.

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