Top 5 Photo Booth Styles for your Next Corporate Event

August 27, 2019

Times have changed. With the advent of the mobile phone that is equipped with a highly pixelated camera, people now take pics every chance they get to share online in their social media accounts or via messaging apps with family and friends. As a result, people now love seeing and taking advantage of photo booths at fancy events like weddings, reunions, and other parties. But who says photo booths should be limited to these unique gatherings?

If you want to take your corporate event to the next level, leverage on this photo craze that everyone is now accustomed to and put up a unique photo booth at your next company activity. There are tons of innovative photo booths out there that print singles or photo strips. Others even email or sms digital pics to guests on the spot. A new variety is those who create GIFs and slow motion videos, which everyone loves.

Photo booths have the power of providing a unique activity for your corporate guests, at the same time, they also get a unique token they can take home. With the guaranteed chance that photos of this event will shared online, is is an additional added boost to your advertising and marketing efforts. Here the top 5 photo booth styles that you can incorporate for your next company event to ensure maximum fun for all your guests:

All About Slow-Motion Video and GIF Maker

If you want to ensure that your corporate guests get sore cheeks from smiling too much at your event, then opt for a slow motion photo booth style that allows your many guests to create their short fun clips in super slow motion. The slow-mo videos don’t require too much time, but the results exhibit that it’s all bout having a a good time. The photo booth experience is always super fun and happy, and with slow-mo videos, thing are kicked up a notch.

On top of that, you can also go one step ahead of ordinary flat 2D photography and allow your guests to create animated GIFs with their photo booth experience. Who needs those boring standard GIF reactions that come from various TV or movie clips when guests can create them with their corporate buddies and real life friend! Both unique video concepts provide the coolest photo booth style out there. More importantly, these GIF and slow-mo video takers will surely share their clips on social media, giving the company they work for and the photo booth company the a good boost and promotion in the right direction.    

Utilize the Unique Leaf Blower

A leaf blower usually blows leaves, but utilizing it for a unique photo booth style concept is a wonderful idea that people seem to love and cannot get enough of. They just find something titillating about their hairdos and faces being pummeled with tons of cool air. Doing this photo booth style is very simple as all you need to do is set-up the usual paraphernalia from the lights to the backdrop, then aim the leaf blower at the guests who are standing in front, while letting the camera do all the hard work.

This leaf blower style has been a big hit in numerous corporate conferences where office goers get the chance to literally let their hair down and be blown away. Guests can easily relax, have fun doing silly poses, and laugh out loud during their photo booth sessions with a leaf blower. The still images the leaf blower creates carry over the super fun vibe of the photo shoot, and the GIFs and slow-mo videos created evoke even more laughter.   

Incorporate a One of a Kind Set Design

Ordinary backdrops, silly lip mustaches, crazy wigs, and sticker tags just no longer cut it. Everyone is used to the same old boring paraphernalia, and they are no longer exciting. Now more than ever, it is necessary to spice things up to make sure that your guests will have a truly unforgettable experience. Creating a whole set design concept instead of just the usual photo booth backdrop will surely help to infuse the fun and unique factor back into your game. This means going all out by really incorporating a theme for the entire photo booth set up.

To illustrate, you can make it a winter wonderland theme for a company that sells snowboarding or skiing equipment. This includes creating a completely custom backdrop that evokes and icy and chilly feeling. Throwing in a few real life decorative pieces from fake trees covered in faux snow will also complement the wintry vibe. And of course, the paraphernalia that your guests will use as props will pertain to all things chilly and wintry. People will not just love taking photos in the photo booth, but they will surely take pictures of the photo booth itself because it is such a unique concept.

Use the Green Screen Projector Booth

Instead of just using the typical boring background that remains static all through out the images you take, why not make your friends travel off to faraway places without ever leaving you event venue. The green screen photobooth at your event can make this happen. The green screen backdrop will allow all the party guests to choose what goes behind them as they take their photos.

On top of this, pairing the green screen with a projector kicks things up a notch. Using both creates the perfect opportunity to make even more amazing imagery because unique images can be projected as the backdrop, as well as on all the photo takers. This photo booth style creates an added special touch that offers amazing results. You get truly unique and one of kind pictures that guests will enjoy taking with this style of photo booth.

Feel Like a Model with a Headshot Photo Booth

Models take frequent headshots for their set cards, which they bring to fashion go-sees and auditions because it has the power to showcase a model’s face in all its full glory. This time around, your guests won’t have to pay for that expensive headshot because your photo booth is all about capturing that perfect shot of your party guests faces.

Aside from models, actors also usually take these headshots, as well as corporate honchos. This is the reason why this headshot photo booth style is perfect for corporate events because it takes the pressure out of doing serious corporate headshots. With your fun photo booth environment, executives can take quality headshots because they are more relaxed and free to express themselves in your photo booth, as opposed to the usual formal studio setup of a headshot.

Opting for a headshot style of photo booth also means all the rest of the employees and other guests in the corporate event can get the chance to have access in taking their own headshot. Headshots are usually expensive so in doing this photo booth style for a corporate event, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Bottom Line

There are many other photo booth style concepts available out there. With the imagination, the sky is the limit. Moreover, with the help of technology, just about anything can become a possibility. Taking pictures of in a photo booth as certainly evolved through the passing of the years. But no matter what style you choose, the power of a single photo will always remain. As the old wise adage goes: a picture can paint a thousand words. And truly, the choosing the right photo booths for corporate events is critical to the event’s success. The kind photo booth setup at your corporate event will speak volumes about your company and the kind of people who work in it.

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